Acupuncture is best applied as a complementary technique, promoting the well-being of the patient and assisting conventional therapies to achieve a positive result. Please remember, acupuncture therapy is meant to complement, not replace, conventional veterinary care. It can provide pain relief and generally improve a horse’s well-being. Treatment involves stimulation of specific points of the body using very fine, solid needles. It causes inhibition of pain pathways and stimulates the release of pain relieving chemicals in the brain and spinal cord. It can positively affect muscles, the circulatory, digestive, reproductive and urinary systems, as well as antibody and hormone production. Acupuncture is effective at treating many different conditions including back soreness, general arthritis, laminitis, respiratory issues, and many other conditions. It can also be used for immune regulation, GI regulation, reproductive regulation, performance enhancement, as an anti-inflammatory, and help in improving microcirculation.