Equine Endoscopy & Gastrocopy

Video Endoscopy & Gastroscopy

Green Glen Equine Hospital has portable video endoscopy and video gastroscopy units that can be used in the clinic or in the field.  The video endoscope allows visualization of the upper airways (nasal passages, pharynx, larynx, guttural pouches) and trachea, while the video gastroscope is longer and can be passed down the esophagus to evaluate the stomach and even the first few inches of the small intestine.  Both of these units allow clear visual access to internal structures of the horse through minimally invasive procedures. Conditions which can be diagnosed or evaluated with video endoscopy include nasal discharge, coughing, guttural pouch disease, respiratory allergies or inflammation (heaves), pneumonia and many other performance limiting conditions.

Gastroscopy is the only way to diagnose gastric ulcers and the best way to monitor response to therapy.  The horse must be fasted prior to the procedure in order to visualize the entire gastrointestinal system so it is vital that you prep your horse prior to your appointment. Horses are sedated for gastroscopy to minimize stress to your animal and optimize the evaluation.

Both video scopes project the image onto a computer monitor so the veterinarian is able to point out areas of concern.  We are able to take screenshots in addition to video images to keep in the horse‚Äôs record or to send to a referral institution depending on the severity of the diagnosis.