Routine dental examinations are very important to the long term health and performance of your horse.  One of the most important concepts that horse owners can embrace is that ‘prevention is the key to equine dental health’.  Our veterinarians have been extensively trained in dental care and dental procedures.  By performing a thorough examination, we will develop a treatment plan tailored to your horse.  In most cases, sedation is administered in order to perform the most thorough exam and treatment under the most desirable conditions and to not stress the horse.  The heart is evaluated for abnormalities prior to sedation.

Green Glen Equine Hospital is proud to offer the most modern approach to equine dental care.  We routinely use power assisted dentistry and sedation to safely and effectively perform routine maintenance and to correct any dental problems that may be present.  We often perform corrections of the incisors and cheek teeth as well as extractions in the field.