Field Services

Green Glen Equine Hospital’s veterinarians are available every day to service your horse’s needs at your farm.  Routine appointments are typically scheduled Monday through Friday 8:30-5pm.  We are also available for emergency appointments 24/7 to evaluate your horse on your farm when illness or injury arise. Many illnesses can be successfully treated in the field where you and your horse are most comfortable, but if more advanced treatments are necessary, it is reassuring to know our hospital is nearby.

Our ambulatory service provides both general and specialized services. This not only includes general wellness exams and annual vaccinations but also includes lameness exams, breeding soundness exams, insemination and routine pregnancy checks, minor surgeries, dentistry, pre-purchase exams, and new foal exams. Radiographs, ultrasound, shockwave and upper airway endoscopy are also a few of the many diagnostic services that can be administered at your barn or boarding facility.

Hospital Services

With state-of-the-art facilities and advanced diagnostics and instrumentation, Green Glen Equine Hospital offers the best in surgical care for your horse. Our board-certified equine surgeon has performed all types of surgery and incorporates new procedures each year. We offer a full spectrum of elective and emergency surgeries.

Green Glen Equine Hospital operates as a in-patient hospitalization facility for those situations where ambulatory or “on the farm” environments aren’t sufficient to help your horse. We offer hospitalization for intensive management of cases in one of our 11 stalls. This allows us to more closely monitor your horse’s condition and provide superior medical therapy by adjusting treatments as needed.

In addition to our surgical and in-patient services, Green Glen also offers our treatments and examinations on an outpatient basis. If it is easier for you to come to us for your appointment, we are happy to set up an outpatient visit at the hospital.

Sports Medicine

Lameness and poor performance evaluations are a large part of our daily sports medicine practice.  We have seen everything from non-weightbearing lameness to subtle ‘just doesn’t feel right’ performance issues and know they all can be a challenge. Every horse is treated as an individual at Green Glen, and our lameness exams and treatments options are no exception.

Your exam and treatment options will be tailored to your horse and your expectations.

Alternative Medicine

Alternative medicine involves those therapies typically viewed as ‘complementary’ to standard medicine.  At Green Glen, this involves acupuncture and chiropractic services. We are constantly striving to find the combination of therapies that is most effective for each case and find it very beneficial to offer these therapies side by side with traditional treatments tailored to your horse’s unique situation.